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The classroom community for creative beginners and art-activism

What You Get When You Join:

1.  Access to a Library of Online Courses

Whether you can't draw a straight line or you've already got a healthy drawing habit, this community will help you break through to the next level in your artistic practice. 

Our course library includes classes that will help you build up essential drawing skills and creative confidence, as well as how to use your artwork to help make an impact in the world around you.

Feeling hopeless about your drawings? Try the course BAD Artist Bootcamp. Want to get started with watercolor? 10 Steps to Watercolor is the course for you. For a REAL drawing adventure, check out the course 10 Steps to Drawing San Miguel, a virtual destination art vacation. With over 10 pre-recorded classes to choose to take at your own pace, you are sure to find the right class for you!

To use art as a tool for expression, check out the course happening now, Drawing Feelings: Emotions in Art. Even if you "can't draw," you can use creativity as active mediation and learn how artists have used art throughout time to convey feelings and connect with others. 

ALL courses are included in membership, and range from quick classes you can finish in an hour or two to 9-week experiences. 

2. A supportive creative community

You'll meet your new artsy friends on our course community homepage, where you can post, comment, and interact with your fellow students. This is possibly the best part of the journey! We keep each other motivated and cheer each other's progress. 

With live calls and interactive feedback, our community is the next best thing to being in class in person.

3.  Interviews and Inspiration 

Get access to video interviews with artistic thought leaders such as Betty Edwards, author of the world's #1 drawing instructional book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Get inspired by video interviews, art lessons and demonstrations, and guest teachers who visit our platform to share their gifts and artistic wisdom with our community. 

4. Weekly Live Calls

Class of the Month classes, Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-8:00 Central.
These Zoom classes offer lessons for the current course of the month, and time for general Q & A at the end of each class.

The Natural Way to Draw Art-Book Club, monthly Zoom classes in which we'll drawing using the exercises from Nicolaides book, and Q&A and critique session for students in 9 Weeks with the Natural Way to Draw

Messages that Matter: Art-Activism Sessions, get your community service hours in by joining us to create illustrated letters to send to our representatives, experiment with art-activist projects, and more. We'll meet monthly for anyone who would like to use art to reach out about the causes that matter most to them. Open for Q&A and critique for all students in the Messages that Matter Course. 

Anti-Racist Art Classes on Monday Mornings, this intimate art-therapy style group is open by request. 

What it's All About

There are untold benefits to exercises your vision and creativity by learning to draw and making art a part of your life. 

However, like anything worth doing, the process can bring up a lot of resistance. 

The most common story is that we want to learn a quick trick or two and then have a "perfect" drawing to show off to friends. But like music and dancing, it's the DOING of it that's important, not rushing to get to the end. The process of curiosity, discovery, frustration, breakthrough, and triumph play on loop as we continue to improve and spiral our skillset upward.

Mastering this creative process will show up in other areas of your life as well. When we learn to innovate, work through resistance, and problem-solve in art, we get better at doing those things in other areas of our life as well. 


Once you're in, Antonelli Art School is $39.99 a month, just under $10 bucks a week.

Ok, yes, the total value of the course library alone is over $400, and the value of the group to keep you accountable and inspired is priceless, but I want you to think of it this way:

You are promising to show up at least once a week to draw, and you've put down a $10 bet that you'll keep showing up for yourself and your creative practice. Even drawing just once a week with our live classes or course library consistently will set you on a course for mastery. 

The real secret to learning to draw? 

It's sticking with your practice in an engaged learning community. And the best way to do that? Find your people, and get to drawing! That's what we're all about- an exclusive group of budding artists learning and creating together, expressing it all on the canvas, and learning to improve our techniques as we go.  

Get a free two-week trial to see if the school is a good fit for you. 

You can also choose to deactivate your membership anytime if you won't be active for a month or two, we'll be here when you get back. 

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